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Equipe TAP
Posted by Equipe TAP
28 March 2022
Equipe TAP
Posted by Equipe TAP
1 February 2022


In the starting- blocks, ready to join us ?


Send us your application, and be the key player in your future career!


Our talent hunters will carefully study your application. An initial contact will be made by phone to verify the compatibility of your/our expectations.


If we are on the same page, we’ll choose a date together for your interview (in person or virtual), which will usually be led by your future manager. If the interview is successful, you will meet with our HR director to further discuss your experience and your goals. Sometimes, if the position requires it, you may also meet with other people in the company.


Once the interview process is over, if you have been chosen you will be contacted by the HR director, who will inform you of the good news. Our HR team will then contact you to draw up your employment contract and complete your hiring file.


If you are not our choice, our HR director will still contact you to request feedback on your interview. Stay positive! Remember that new opportunities may come up at any time, and we will keep your application in mind.

At TAP, « ghosting » doesn't exist !

Our Human Resources team considers each candidate and informs them of the next step to take.

If you are shortlisted but not chosen in the end, you will of course get feedback. Stay positive because things move fast at TAP and your application may be of interest to us in the future.

If you are not shortlisted, the Human Resources Department will nevertheless send you an answer.


Making way for youth!

Within the group, we give a place to young people. The work-study program is an opportunity for a real “win-win” exchange. The students bring a new breath of fresh air to the company, a dynamism, a fresh look and new working methods. The managers, for their part, pass on their knowledge, best practices and orchestrate projects with the active contribution of the students.

Eva, in a work-study program within the HR department for a year an a half
«I chose a work-study program in order to be immediately operational after my studies, having combined the theory of the courses and the experience of the field directly with professionals. I was lucky enough to find my work-study program quite easily. My school submitted my CV to the HR director who interviewed me with her assistant. The kindness of the team and the missions envisaged announced a great experience to come and it is the case! My tutor is a good listener and teacher.
On a daily basis, I assist the HR team with personnel administration and recruitment. In particular, I manage the work-study students' career path, from the relationship with their schools to their recruitment.
My motto: Above all, be positive; there are no failures, only experiences!»

Maëlys, in a work-study program within the communication department for a year and a half
« As a graduate, it was essential for me to make the teaching method more dynamic with real and varied situations that give meaning to my studies. The work-study program meets my expectations perfectly. As I had already done an internship at TAP during my first year of university, I tried my luck again this year. I am happy to have succeeded in my interview because, beyond the friendly atmosphere that I already knew, I knew that the company wanted to give a new dynamic to its communication. At each session in the company, I am sure to have new projects: institutional communication, internal, digital... at TAP, everything moves! But what I like the most is the consideration and the trust that I am given. My tutor considers me more as a full-fledged collaborator than as a student. She gives me the latitude to express my opinion, my ideas and contribute to the success of projects. We are always looking for performance while being creative. »

Jonas, in a work-study program with the sales team for a year
« I chose to pursue my studies in a work-study program to be immediately connected to professional reality. I am discovering the wholesale equipment sector and working in a company. I am able to put certain courses into practice and acquire new skills. The other good thing about the work-study program is that my work is recognized by a salary at the end of the month. My missions within the sales team have evolved. I started by doing telephone prospecting, whereas these days I manage responses to calls for tender. My integration at TAP ? I will remember it for a long time! It coincided with an internal event that gave the direction of the group's strategy, its commercial ambition with fun activities and a great team spirit. This ``Boost`` day is perfectly in line with my Leitmotiv: Smile at life! »

Adam, in a work-study program within the IT department for a year an a half
«Passionate about computers since I was a child, it was logical for me to continue my studies in this field. I opted for a BTS SIO (Computer Services for Organizations) in order to combine practice and theory and gain professional experience. On a daily basis, I contribute to the computer support to the employees and to the maintenance of the equipment. I am lucky to have a tutor who trusts me and gives me more advanced missions like working on the Active Directory or network management. I appreciate working at TAP because my tutor helps me to improve my skills and is always giving me good advice. Moreover, there is a good atmosphere in the department.»


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