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Already 20 years of expertises !

It all began long before the creation of TAP. Even as a child, Terry, our founder, had a gift for sales, and was always ready to join in any business endeavors. He took his first steps in the B2B industrial equipment sector as part of his family’s business, which gave him the opportunity to try his hand at everything from handling to general management.

In 2001 he decided to set out on his own, and created his first company: TAP, short for Terry Agullo Ponce. He poured all his energy into it, bolstered by his experience in the wholesale business, and brought in two trusted family members: his wife Sandrine, Director of Sales, Procurement and General Services, and his cousin Charles Ruiz, Director of International Development.

Together, they seized market opportunities, internationalized in the very first years, structured the company to maximize profitability and positioned it attractively in terms of value for money and turnaround. This can be seen particularly in their purchase of factories in 2010. TAP is now showing strong growth, and is specializing to meet its customers’ diverse equipment needs.

In 2020, to further the group’s goals and accelerate growth, management sought out investors and strengthened its operational team.


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