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Dynamic, TAP takes on challenges and is never satisfied with its achievements. nifty, it knows how to circumvent difficulties in the face of pressure from her environment and throws herself into action in the expectation of quick results, always oriented towards more performance.

TAP assumes it’s challenger side and has the confidence to gain more ascendancy.

Extraverted, one of it’s strengths is to know how to convince. It asserts itself, defends its ideas and its interests. Very sociable, it is fully committed to it’s professional life and builds its story around a circle of trust also in the family.

Often initiating new ideas or projects, TAP is not necessarily attached to traditional approaches. It is able to create surprise by differentiating itself in its sector.


To actively contribute to the success of the group.

If you join us, Martina, our Human Resources Director, will be pleased to share our strengths with you and facilitate your integration into our teams.


To grow according to your skills

Discover a selection of employees who have dared to take on more responsibility or change direction at different times in their careers.

Elyes has evolved in less than 2 years by changing region and job.
«I started at TAP in 2019 as a nuclear equipment designer in the design office at Plaisir in the Yvelines. I have just seized the opportunity to evolve not only by completely changing my position but also my region. I am now Project Manager for the Industrial Packing division of TAP near Lyon and everything is going well. If you also want to challenge yourself, dare to change! »

Jérôme has climbed the ladder, accumulated functions and now asserts his passion.
``For the past 11 years, I have put my heart and soul into every position I have been given, with the desire to master every detail, to take on every challenge, even if the staircase is high! After being responsible for a subsidiary, I joined the TAP Storage team as a Project Manager before being promoted to Head of TAP Rental a few months ago. At that time, the IT Manager was retiring and instead of recruiting externally, the Management offered me to take over the responsibility of this division as well, using my passion for IT and my knowledge of the group's companies. Few companies dare to offer this type of development. My ambition is great, as is TAP's. Next step!?``

In 6 years at TAP, Romain has changed departments and climbed the ladder.
``I started as a draftsman. After only one year, I moved on to become a project manager for the nuclear industry and held this position for almost 3 years. Today I am the sales manager of CPMS (a company specialized in nuclear packaging). This is a niche market where reactivity is essential! You don't have to count your hours and you have to listen to your customers to meet their increasingly demanding expectations. At TAP, we are lucky to have a management that trusts its employees. This is why I hope to increase my skills and responsibilities in the coming years. Anything is possible!``

Lucas, recruited after a two-year work-study program in marketing techniques at TAP France.
``I learned a lot about the B-to-B equipment business thanks to the cross-functional teams and my tutor. My main missions consist of prospecting, coordinating the realization of warehouse plans and their costing with specialized teams in order to submit the best estimate to customers. Among the projects I have been entrusted with, I am particularly proud to have succeeded in satisfying a major account for the management of its equipment orders on a national scale. At the beginning of the year, the question of continuing my studies arose at the same time as the proposal of two opportunities in the group: to become TAP Storage Business Manager by the end of 2021 after a solid training in the field or Manager of the TAP Rental entity in the re-launch phase. It is finally the second challenge that seduced me. The field of possibilities is huge!``


To keep on learning

Stimulating and maintaining motivation, increasing team cohesion, and focusing on collective performance are real challenges for both employees and the company. This is why we attach particular importance to employee training. Management is committed to developing the skills of its teams and is committed to doubling the number of employees trained by 2021 through its new training strategy.

The HRD drives the training by steps

Analysis of training needs

The Human Resources Department lists the training needs expressed by each employee and/or manager during annual appraisal and professional interviews.

Creation of our training catalog

In close collaboration with the OPCO (operator of competences), TAP has created a catalog of “turnkey” trainings in order to be able to answer the needs of trainings such as office automation, trade, accountancy, management, professional efficiency, modern languages, risk prevention, hygiene and safety, etc.

Valuation of internal training

TAP has started the steps to have some internal processes recognized as real on-the-job training (AFEST).

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