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GSA/GSB business manager for 2 years

“Calls, emails, meetings…the days are well paced to satisfy my customers everywhere, all the time, right away. I mainly work with national buyers, technical or logistic operators of large food or DIY stores. I analyze their needs, exchange internally with our engineers from the Design Office, our buyers and sales team to bring the appropriate equipment solutions and our best commercial offer. I have to be the right man for the job, whether it’s for a global racking system solution for 100,000 pallets or the sale of small outdoor equipment. The door opens: that’s the main thing. Besides, my pride is not the tipping point between the negotiation and the sale because this moment is just my basic mission. It is rather to have results that the client never expected, to the point of gaining his trust. As an example, I quote the anecdote of the promise kept of a deadline almost impossible to respect which thus allowed me to refer our products on a national scale in an important commercial network. My job as an account manager requires good reactivity, autonomy and strength of conviction.”

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