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Sales administration assistant for 14 years

“The company was only 6 years old when I joined the TAP team. I started out on the switchboard as “the voice of TAP.” I then moved up in the sales administration department to become an assistant with more and more files, more and more customers to manage. I enjoy my job so much that I don’t want to change roles or take on more responsibilities, I’d rather just keep getting better at what I do. Maintaining my customer relationships is very important to me. It’s the heart of my work! Over time, some customers have started contacting me directly, or asking about me even when their order is handled by another person. It’s a sign of their trust in me, and truly an honor. I also enjoy handling an order from A to Z and coordinating every step with internal teams such as purchasing, logistics and accounting.

My motto: “Enthusiasm contributes to performance. So, let’s shine as much as possible!”
My slogan: “Save the date: almost every Friday.” At work, we also build friendships, and even get together after work with some of our former colleagues.”

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